HISTORY: "Hell" of a challenge..

Ukupacha means Hell in Ecuador´s native language (Quichua) and that was the chosen name that the race founder, Sebastian Cisneros used to make this race a living hell in 2.009.

Before Ukupacha, local races were just really easy Hare Scrambles and that´s why the first Ukupacha had so much success from the beginning. Although it had only, two classes (experts and hobby) and only around 80 riders, you could see the satisfaction in every rider´s face after the race and that inspired Sebastian to continue.

In 2.010, an enduro fanatic and recognized publicist, Andrés León, joined forces with Sebastian and added a good marketing eye to the race and it began to grow faster and faster in recognition, and number of riders.

In 2.011, the race became international with Chris Birch, Graham Jarvis and Andreas Lettenbichler coming to race for their first time in South America and tasting a bit of our extreme stuff. Although things were a bit easier than what they were used to in Europe, that experiencia helpt Sebastian make the next edition (2.012) a living hell. 2.012´s track was so tough that only 2 pro riders could finish (Jarvis and Melcior Faja) telling us that the race was as tough as any other extreme race in the world.

In 2.013 the race moved to a new mountain called the Ilalo Mountain near Quito´s valleys and it was different terraing (hard packed rocks, grass and mud) which complicated everyone from the pros to the hobbies.  The race was so brutal in intensity that ony 5% could finish it on time and top riders like Graham Jarvis and Alfredo Gomez had to team up at the end in order to be able to finish.

The race is considered the toughest race in America and we receive a lot of visitors from other latin countries (Colombia, Mexico, etc) as well as the pro riders who have come:  Chris Birch, Graham Jarvis, Alfredo Gomez-Cantero, Andreas Lettenbichler, Melcior Faja, Jesús Zavala, Romain Dumontier, Didier Goirand, Santiago Isaza, Juan Esteban Reyes, among others.


The year 2.014 presents itself as the year in which to consolidate the international recognition of the race, and improve all the right things we have made.  The usual suspects will come back, and newcomers are interesting of coming as well to be part or south america´s extreme endure race and get to know one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Ecuador.  Don´t miss it out.